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Vision: Leet Uni envisions to lead a community of like-minded individuals that promote a culture of being more than “just” and strengthen the spirit of innovation.

Mission: To provide professional training by sharing knowledge and expertise on matters that will help professionals, entrepreneurs and the youth to improve their skillset, focus on techniques to achieve their business goals, and create revenue-generating projects through pursuing their passion. Through mutual learning, we unlock opportunities for individuals to grow and transcend.




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Laravel – The PHP Framework

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We believe people deserve a chance to be great and work in an environment they love; and that an organization’s culture should build a sense of community while fulfilling its mission.








If you choose to level-up your skills, grow with it according to trends or maybe expand with the way how experts deal with the internet competition then choose Leet – Uni. For you to experience their culture, know their network and to understand how they rapidly adapt to change when it comes to entrepreneurship then attend their upcoming events. It was a great pleasure knowing this team has something for you, something we can be inspired of and something we can share to society not only that they’re talking about profit but also how design as a science could impact your business. If you want to grow as person or as an entrepreneur then listen to their speakers they just got more to tell and share.. Thanks again for the great opportunity! Your team has the passion to build a community, a community of entrepreneurs of achievers, of people who stand out and of a leader of success. So continue inspiring and continue connecting… you got that spirit so aim high… God Bless to all who made it possible and incredible.. 🙂

Aileen Digal

Virtual Assistant

Excellent. they have great lessons and seminars that will help you in your business or just to improve yourself when it comes to your skills and mindset. More power!

Jeremiah 'Kairi' Yap

HR Manager


Myron is a Startup Tech Consultant.

At twenty five (6 years ago), he was featured in Anthill Magazine’s Editor’s Choice 30UNDER30 Australian Entrepreneur. He’s also featured in Financial Review as a “Mobile Technologist” and Former Founder of My Shout App.

Myron Festejo

Co Founder, Leet Digital

Dorothy or Dee  is a Digital Marketing Strategist and one of the founders of Leet Digital.

She has been in the digital space for 9 years and one of the pioneers in providing digital marketing services offshore, way back when Facebook wasn’t even popular in the Philippines .

Dorothy Falcon

Co Founder , Leet Digital

“Jules” is very passionate about innovative business that disrupts established or sleeping markets. He was a former Digital Solutions Manager at His experiences in  ‘The Travel Corporation’, ‘British Airways’ & ‘’ gave him an edge on the field of sales.

Giuliano Tye

Sales Manager, Leet Digital

Founded ‘’ and has been in the business for over 20 years.

Igor is an expert on different programming languages and he is a master of design and its elements. He taught at several of the finest universities in Australia before he started his own company.

Igor Couto

Business Coach, Macservery


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